Paint Corrections

Mobile Auto Paint Correction in Tampa, Plant City, Dover and Surrounding Cities in Florida

It is hard to keep your car looking like it is fresh off the assembly line. The inevitable damage from regular use like road debris, bird droppings, tree sap, scratches, watermarks, and more can take a toll on your vehicle making your car look damaged and old. These imperfections can hurt the overall beauty of your car, truck or SUV. Paint correction can really help vehicles with paint in fairly poor condition with swirling, scratches, and oxidation.

Paint Correction is the process of safely removing scratches.

Most vehicles can benefit from paint corrections. It involves multiple steps to achieve transformative results.

  1. Paint correction starts after a thorough washing and clay bar treatment. This removes all the microscopic dirt and debris.
  2. If damage is deep we will do a wet-sand technique to remove deep scratches or blemishes.
  3. Our experienced technicians use compounds and polish to restore the imperfections using multiple layered steps to carefully bring back the finish
  4. Once the finish is restored it is important to protect the clear coat to maintain the finish.

An investment in the beauty of your Vehicle

Paint Correction is an investment in the overall appearance of your vehicle. By correcting the paint, you are giving your vehicle a new chance at looking its best and fixing those spots that can’t be fixed by simple cleaning. This is the ultimate step in prepping your vehicle for a long-lasting process like ceramic coatings.

What Paint Correction isn’t

While we wish paint correction could solve everything, it can’t fix orange peeling or deep scratches that go down to the metal. If there is something you are concerned about on your vehicle, let us know, and we can give our professional opinion on if paint correction can help.

Working with a Professional Paint Correction Specialist

Trust the experienced professionals at Dunkley Auto Detailing to do your paint correction. We’ve helped a number of car owners that tried to do it themselves and made things worse. There is a risk when small amounts of paint or clear coat are removed, and having a professional who knows what they are doing mitigates that risk.

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