We know there are a lot of questions about mobile auto detailing. Don’t worry we’re here to help.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for lots of answers. If you want more information or have additional questions let us know.

We have very fair pricing based on the level of detail and the products used. View our starting prices on our auto-detailing page.

Yes, we have a 55 gallon tank in our mobile detailing vehicle and waterless wash. We do not need to hook up to your water to detail your car.

Please remove personal items. We can work around them, but it is easier if you take them out ahead of time.

We come to you at your home or office in Hillsborough County.

I have children too and know how even the neatest kids can spill and make for a cluttered area. Leave the car seats in, and we’ll clean around them and then remove them to clean underneath them. We’ll even give them a light vacuum. For liability reasons, we ask that you clip them back in to make sure they are secure.

Yes, but we do add a surcharge for cars that are excessively dirty. This applies to annual care packages as well.

Ceramic coating gives your vehicle a sacrificial layer of protection that helps the paint last longer and gives your vehicle a lustrous shine.

Yes we can detail trucks, vans, motorcycles, RVs, motor homes, and boats.

I’ll admit I’ve never detailed a space ship, but would love the opportunity to do so. Feel free to call me about what you have in mind and we can provide a custom quote.

New cars are a great candidate for our ceramic coating. This adds a protective layer to your vehicle before the paint is damaged from road debris. Ceramic coatings extend the life of your paint providing extra protection and lustrous shine.

Yes, we are experts at getting rid of brake dust from your wheels, hub caps, and paint. We’ve tested hundreds of products and found the ones that are effective at removing brake dust, so your car will look its best.

While we can’t fix everything, but we have a pretty good track record with removing stains, buffing out scuff marks, getting rid of caked on gunk, restoring shine, conditioning leather, and making it look new again. We always do our best. If we can’t completely eliminate the stain or other offending mark, we usually can minimize it. You can see some of our success stories on our gallery page.

We can remove pet hair, pet dander, pet smells, nose prints from windows, and other evidence that you transport your four-legged friends in your car. We love dogs, cats, and other furry creatures, but can erase the evidence that they were there. There may be a surcharge for this service depending on level of cleaning required.

Getting your car detailed before you sell your vehicle is one of the easiest things you can do to improve overall selling price. By having it look its best, you will remove buyer objections and help you get top dollar for your sale. First impressions count, make it a good one.

Clay Bar Detailing uses an engineered elastic clay compound to remove particles like brake dust, metal dust, pollutants, and road grit that standard washing can’t get. This extra clean makes your polish, wax, or ceramic coating more effective and longer lasting.