Ceramic Coatings

After you’ve invested in professional detailing by Brian Dunkley, we recommend protecting it with our professional grade ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coatings protect your vehicle’s exterior surfaces from the most common blemish causing materials including, dirt, dust, debris and sun damage.

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We use the highest level of professional grade ceramic coatings to protect your vehicles finish for years to come. We apply the ceramic coating with precision and care so that it is guaranteed to last and look its best.
Ceramic Coatings are the ultimate level of protection when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint.

Our coatings use nano-technology to fill minor cracks and imperfections providing a flat hard layer of protection.

Ceramic coatings protect the finish or top layer of the materials found on your truck, car, or SUV. It accomplishes this by forming a quartz-like transparent shell on the top coat that blocks harsh UV light, tree sap, chemicals, brake dust, and other contaminants from the finish below. The hydrophobic surface makes the vehicle ultra-slick, which allows water to sheet off with little to no effort.

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Improved Hydrophobic Properties

Watch as water beads and sheds off your freshly coated vehicle. Dirt, mud, water, liquid, and other light debris slide right off.

Protection from UV Light

Protect your paint from fading, oxidizing, corroding, or developing rust. Block harsh UV rays from damaging your paint.

Protection from Chemicals and Animal Waste

Chemicals like salt and acids from bird poop, love bugs and other insect splatters can permanently damage your finish. Ceramic Clear coats block contaminants from penetrating the finish.

Professional Installation

Sure there are DIY products out there but when you have a professional install it you know it will be done right so the results will last.

Improved Shine and Luster

Your vehicle will shine and sparkle due to the microscopic layer of glass that ceramic coatings provide. Your chrome will pop and your plastic trim will have a deep rich shine.

Cleaning Simplified

Ceramic coating gives your vehicle non-stick qualities which makes keeping your car clean a breeze since it is harder for dirt to stick and easier to remove.

What are you waiting for? Get the best in protecting your vehicle! Add Ceramic Coatings to your finish!